Perplexed Supporters of Israel

by Steven Shamrak

It might surprise some Jews, considering the disproportional anti-Israel coverage in the media and from international pressure the on Israeli government, that there are many non-Jews who strongly support the State of Israel. What even more surprising is, that many of them enthusiastically approve the idea of the reunification of Jewish land, the creation of Eretz-Israel  (Land of Israel), as it was designated by the League of Nations in July 1922, - even more than most of Jews.

Quite often I receive messages of disbelief and surprise from our non-Jewish friends. Many members of non-Jewish nations, who have never experienced continual persecution and violence, are unable to understand Jewish passivity and inadequate responses to Arab aggression and terror.  Although most of these nations are Christian, they still struggle to grasp the Jewish concept of love and respect to life, even at this time of existential threat from their mortal enemies. They ask:

1)                 “How on Earth do Jewish people put up with the injustice?”

My reply: Jews are used to it and we must be very careful with what and how we do things. Before WWII Jews were not allowed to leave most European countries, including the current leading democracy. During the war we were betrayed and killed by our neighbours and friends. After the war the British did everything possible to disallow the establishment of our homeland, which was legally designated for Jews (many Arab and Muslim countries were recently created as a result of the same mandate system which was created by the League of Nations.)

2)         “I can’t understand how some Jews can turn their backs on Israel and help the hatred towards Jews.”

My reply: For too long Jews suffered persecution and were told “you can’t do this!” And we started to believe this lie. Many of us are suffering from the Stockholm syndrome. For thousands of year we learned to survive by appeasing our oppressors. It is difficult brake bad old habits, especially when there aren’t many truly supportive friends around.

3)         “I don’t understand. When there is non-stop world-wide Muslim violence towards the western world and none from the State of Israel, why the international hatred is centred on Israel and there is no reaction against Muslims…”

My reply: Welcome to the reality of the anti-Jewish world! They love to hate Jews, while conveniently disregarding the fact that Islamists hate Christians and any other religions, Communists and nice democracies even more than they hate the existence of Israel. Israel is just a front line of the world-wide Islamic assault to achieve global domination by Islam!

Jews and Jewish leadership must realize that the horrors of our past should not destroy the future of the Jewish people. We achieve what most people had considered impossible - creation of the Jewish state in 1948 in an utterly hostile international environment. We are in danger to squander our great achievement! The time is now to understand that we will never get approval for anything we do or not do from anyone. Therefore, it is better to do what is right for the Jewish People than for our hateful enemies!