The Path of Self-Destruction

by Steven Shamrak.

In recent years there have been many Islamic acts of terror committed against Western countries. The bombing of the marine barracks in Lebanon; two US embassies in Africa; the bombing of the US destroyer “Cole” in Yemen; the attacks of September 11; The deadly explosions in Bali; the Madrid train bombings; the subway in London--these are just the most publicized attacks. All of them were openly or covertly supported by most Muslim rulers and are silently condoned by most of the Islamic communities around the world.

Several years ago US President Bush very publicly declared war on terror. I would like to review the achievements so far: Osama bin Ladin is still alive, Sadam Hussein is making a mockery of the Western style court in Bagdad, Iran is successfully avoiding International sanctions and continuing to develop an Islamic nuclear bomb, and Saudi Arabia has been quietly financing the spread of Wahabism, using Islamic terror world wide without any punitive measures from the West.  Well done, Mr. President!

The United States and European countries are not fighting Islamic expansionism. It is all just pretence and deception! They attack relatively insignificant targets like Afghanistan and Iraq and are unwilling to destroy the real nest of the Islamic hate against all the "infidels and crusaders" - Saudi Arabia and Iran. At the same time, the tendency for covert protection of possible enemies does exist. For example, after the September 11 attack only one plane was allowed to leave USA - the one with the members of the Saudi royal family and the Bin Ladin family on board. The FBI was not allowed to interview them!

Israel has been a defender of the West against Arab terror, by successfully defeating Arab's aggression for many decades. Unfortunately, the world governments, due to deeply ingrained anti-Semitism and oil dependency, play a dangerous game by vilifying the Jewish state. Greed and apathy has also spread to Israel and is infecting the political hierarchy of the country. Corrupt political apathy prevents the IDF from effective self-defense, undermining state security and does not allow it to deliver a decisive blow to the enemies of Israel.

The war of civilizations was declared a long time ago. The darkness of Islamic fundamentalism is advancing against Democracy. It is time for our leaders to realize that they are responsible for the lives of their citizens, as well as their own families. The corrupt practice of self-enrichment by politicians and big Western business is dangerous and self-destructive. Up to now they have been ruling the world using covert manipulation - conducted by big business and petro-dollars of Arab sheiks. Our future is at stake.  The time for us to wake up and say “Enough!” is right now. We can put an end to this war by taking the blindfolds off and by facing reality. When will we do it?