One-State Solution is Needed.

by Steven Shamrak.

Some ‘well intentioned’ people suggest a one-state solution, which proposes the transfer of control of the West Bank and Gaza to Jordan. Let me remind you that King of Jordan, in order to stop armed revolt by so-called Palestinians, killed tens of thousands of them during “Black September”. For forty years, Israel, due to Jewish morality, has been restraining herself from such a barbaric solution. But, Arab terror in Israel must end! A new solution to international conflicts must be implemented by Israel. Actually it is quite an old one: 1.8 million were transferred between Greece and Turkey in 1922, over 12 million were resettled during the partition of the Indian subcontinent. In the recent conflict in former Yugoslavia, people were moved or transferred to other countries as refugees. Only Israel is not allowed by international hypocrisy to use population transfer to facilitate end of the conflict!

There is another one-state alternative. Due to the recent action of the Israeli government and inaction of the international community it became viable again: Almost two years ago, Jews were forcefully deported from Gaza by Olmert’s government. Nobody cried out “poor Jews” or “you can’t do it to people”! Neither the UN, US, EU nor the World Bank condemned this action, ignoring the cruelty of forceful deportation of Jews from the land of their ancestors. Therefore, the population transfer has again become an acceptable conflict resolution tool.

Consequently, I would like to suggest the transfer of the Arab population from the Jewish lands as the only effective way to bring peace and end Arab terror in Israel permanently. We have tried education, negotiations, economic stimulation, political and territorial sacrifice. Nothing has worked so far!

Peace in Israel and the two-state solution are mutually exclusive for two reasons: 1. Judea, Samaria and Gaza are Jewish lands. 2. After so many concessions made by Israel, including transferring control of the West bank and Gaza to the PA after the Oslo agreement, Arab terrorism has only increased.