Old Game of Peace Must be Abandoned!

by Steven Shamrak

1. Even before the establishment of Israel it was clear that the Arabs are not interested in peace and friendship with their Jewish neighbours. Their supporters, the United Kingdom and France, were actively encouraging Muslim countries to prevent the creation of the Jewish state. The destruction of the Jewish state has always been their aim since 1948! How many more Jewish lives must be sacrificed and generational suffering is needed to prove that all past and current peace plans are flawed?

2. It has been always known that the ‘unique’ help the professional, so-called Palestinian refugees have been receiving from international anti-Semites, directly or through the UN, is to facilitate the removal of Israel, the only Jewish state, from the map!

3. It is common knowledge that most of the international aid, many billions of dollars each year, given to the PA have been pocketed by the corrupt PA leadership and spent in support of terrorism against Jews in Israel – be it training, financing production and smuggling of weapons and rockets, indoctrinating kids with hate toward Jews in the UN sponsored schools as well as indoctrinating the general population, and direct financial support provided to terrorists and their families!

4. For seventy years the same inept peace plans, even ridiculous ones like the partition plan of 1947, were suggested, signed and ignored again and again! Isn’t it time to return to basic Zionist ideals, which are actually in line with the initial resolution of the League of Nations? The Israeli Government needs to start working toward planning and implementing the Jewish National goal.

5. Jews and the Israeli government cannot change the nature of the international high-ranking political anti-Semitic structure! The only thing we can do is to change our own attitude and shake off the faulty beliefs and victim mentality. “They won’t let us” until we believe in it – we just must do it!

6. Israel did it during the Independence War, in 1967 – the Six Days war and 1973 – the Yom Kippur war, and on many other occasions like saving hostages in Entebbe, and bombing Iraqi and Syrian nuclear facilities.

7. The Government of Israel and Jewish leadership must change their attitude of appeasing and their ‘co-operative’ mode with the enemy, and chose the path toward securing the Jewish national future.

8. Yes, we can do it!