Obamazational Threat to US Democracy!

by Steven Shamrak

It is not a secret that the US administration is playing a two-faced game in relation with Israel, the best and most reliable ally, and with the ‘friends‘ from Arab states, which is always heavily skewed to the oil-rich kingdoms. But during the Obama rule this game has reached an all time low!

When a senior US official called Netanyahu “chickenshit”, that shows the ugly side of the ‘master’, the President of the United States, and his team toward the Jewish state.

The White House said that President Barack Obama would decline to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, when he visits Washington at the start of March to address a joint session of Congress, adding to long-standing tensions between the two leaders.

When Israel was under attack from Hamas, Obama instructed his Secretary of State to travel to the Middle East to pressure Israel to a Gaza ceasefire. Obama’s Muslim allies in the region viewed it as a reward to Hamas for starting a war this summer.

When Israel asked for a strong response to the Iranian nuclear program, Obama opted for a long and fruitless negotiation with the enemy.

There is also a question of his relatives who are members and active supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. Is this the reason why president Obama was so eager to support the demise of Egyptian president Mubarak, the best Muslim-friend of the United States? The Muslim Brotherhood tried to follow the example of Turkey, a NATO member, to establish a Muslim dictatorship in Egypt. Why did he oppose removal of the Muslim Brotherhood by the Egyptian army?

During the recent visit to India, US President Barack Obama nudged India to uphold  religious freedom. A few hours later he forgot to lecture new King Salman of Saudi Arabia about importance of religious freedom and human rights! I am sure that the rights of women to drive without male supervision were also not mentioned.

There are even more dangerous potential problems with president Obama, including constitutional ones, for the United States.

Recently, I began wondering why and when Barry Soetoro changed his name to Barrack Hussein Obama. Many other questions and allegations, with I heard through the years, have surfaced in the process. If just some of them are true, they can shake up the fundamental beliefs of ordinary Americans in how US law makers guard the US constitution. It will expose the depth of political corruption of both sides of the politics by Arab/Muslim interests and might even bring Constitutional crises. They are:

1.      Why did Obama spend hundreds of thousand of dollars hiding his birth certificate during and after election campaigns?

2.      Why are his education records not available, including his registration as a foreign student?

3.      Who did finance his education?

4.      Is he a Muslim? Was he raised as a Muslim? Did he use a Koran during a Presidential swearing ceremony? Does he wear a ring with an Arabic inscription “There is no god except Allah”? If he is, why does he hide it?

5.      Who gave money to Barack and Michelle Obama to purchase their dream home at 5046 S. Greenwood ave. in Hyde Park area, Chicago, and why?

6.      How did he climb so fast through the ranks of Democratic party? Why was he chosen for a fast-tracked career in Congress, including unusual appointment of a freshman into prestigious committees?

7.      Why did he receive a ‘wishful-thinking’ Nobel prize?

8.      And, we must not forget about the Benghazi failure and its cover up!

There are other questions! Why did Congress and the Supreme Court, or any American Constitutional watch-dog organizations have no interest in investigating these potentially explosive allegations? Please, start asking questions or, at least check out available information!

Obama failed to attend the French unity demonstrations following the attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo; his did not attend the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz - this speaks volume about him as a person and attitude of his presidency for democracy! During the last State of Union address Obama said - “I have no more campaigns to run”. Is this why he so eagerly went to the Wahhabi kingdom to pay his respect to the late king Abdullah and secure his financial future?