Nothing is Accidental…

by Steven Shamrak

…in portrayal of the Jews in Bible and attitude of the Church toward Jews during Christian discourses. From the acceptance of Christianity by the Roman empire Jews have been used to having to hide the fact that the Roman occupiers of Judea and Samaria were responsible for the death of the Christian saviour. Later, Rome could not allow itself to be blamed for his death after adopting the religious ideas of a Jewish sect. Therefore, Judaism had been chosen as a convenient patsy.

One would think that this attitude is ancient history, but even during the recent celebration of World Youth Day in Sydney, which was portrayed as a positive and joyful occasion with some attempts of religious reconciliation, this anti-Jewish bias attitude of the officialdom of the Catholic Church was still in play. For example, during the re-enactment of the Last Supper, which was apparently a Pesach (Passover) Seder meal, an actor who was playing the character of the Jewish man, Jesus, shared with other 12 Jews, Apostles, not the traditional Jewish Pesach bread Matzos, but a Lebanese pitas. Even after lip service by the current Pope about reconciliation with Jews, the Lebanese pita is more acceptable to the taste of the official Catholic anti-Semites than Jewish Matzos.

It is the deed not empty, deceitful and convoluted words and apologies that is important and make sense! Anything else is just a smoke screen to cover up and hide the ugly past and present behavior of the Catholic Church toward Jews!