Not only French Stupidity!

by Steven Shamrak.

The Former French Prime Minister and current member of the European Parliament, Michel Rocard, blasted Israel as an "abnormal case in the world", describing its creation by the 1917-Balfour Declaration as an "historic mistake".

I agree. It was mistake to rob Jews of 82% of their land – “Palestine”.

It was wrong to expel only Jews from Arab countries but not to remove Arabs from all Jewish land.

It was wrong to arm Arabs, but prevent Jews from arming themselves, before the declaration of UN resolution in1948.

It is still wrong to encourage annihilation of Israel by terror, military or political means.

Anti-Semites like him will be happy, only for short while, when no Jews are (add) left! Then they will find Armenians, Kurds, Japanese... to blame for their stupidity again!