Northern Borders Lesson.

by Steven Shamrak

Attacks from Lebanon are an obvious violation of the Lebanese-Israeli border. 'Blue Line' was approved by the United Nations as a definitive border between Israel and Lebanon following Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon in May 2000. Since then, Hezbollah and Palestinian groups in Lebanon have killed six Israeli civilians and fifteen IDF soldiers through an ongoing barrage of numerous unprovoked attacks.

Presence of UN peace keeping units has made no difference. UN solders continuously turn a ‘blind eye’ on Hezbollah activities and even co-operate with terrorists. The Lebanese government still has not moved its regular army to the border with Israel and did not assume responsibility for border security.

This is a clear picture of Israel’s future if control of any land will be given to PA. During the last 12 years of the ‘peace process’ Arafat did not take any reasonable steps to stop terror acts against Israel. Please, do not be fooled, he has up to 50,000 security personnel on his payroll to do so. It is, probably, the highest security force per capita in the world. No amount of extra training or money provided by the CIA or EU will change this situation. The terrorist thugs are paid by Arafat to keep the flame of terror up and down, when it suits him and his Arab partners in crime.