No BUTS, Please.

by Steven Shamrak.

The last attack in Jerusalem is a tragedy. At the same time, it was predictable and preventable. But, the Israeli government has continued the illusion of peace process. It was not a secret that “Hunda” is a tactical step used by Arabs in order to gain strategic advantage. It is written in the Koran and they stated it openly numerous times.

It is time to stop blaming Arabs. They can’t help it. It is the nature of the beast. We are responsible for the terror by allowing its continuance. Israel must stop bending under external pressure and return to its (add) original national vision and aspirations. By negotiation with terrorists only more terror is invited.

Arab leadership fears the advance of Western democratic ideas. They want to destroy Israel as a promoter of the democracy in the region. At the same time the old score “must be settled”. It is time, in the mind of some Muslim leaders to pay back to “Western Crusaders” for humiliation they caused hundreds of years ago. It’s so happened that Israel is defending the front line of democracy and caught in a cross-fire. It is the plain truth, based on facts and on statements of religious and political leaders of the Muslim world. It is time to stop delusion and wishful thinking. The war was imposed on the free world decades ago. We must start fight back.

Only a complete understanding of the problem will help to resolve it. It is time to wake up and look the truth in the eyes. It would be nice if negotiations brought the resolution to the conflict. Recent efforts have proven again that negotiation does not work.  No one wants to live with Muslim terrorism for a very long time. The comprehensive political, economical and military engagement is needed to win this war. No BUTS, please.