"Never Again", again!

by Steven Shamrak.

After the Shaoah - Holocaust the words "Never Again" had a special and powerful meaning for the Jewish people. The Holocaust survivors who had just arrived in Palestine went to battle against well-armed Arabs with wooden sticks, due to the lack of weapons. Jews all over the word vowed not to allow the systematic killing of the Jews again.

Almost sixty years passed. The words have become just another empty and meaningless slogan the politicians and apathetic community leaders are using during feel-good ceremonies. The unimaginable has happened! The Israeli government assumed the role of the concentration camp Capo and is collaborating with its enemies. Instead of pursuing the Jewish National goal, the return of all Jewish land - Eretz Israel, the government is preparing to give up more Jewish land to the enemies who are killing and ready to kill even more Jews.

As the first step Jews were deported from Gaza. Thousands of Jews were uprooted. Again! All communities were destroyed, again! Viable and successful businesses were ruined, again! Synagogues were destroyed, again. Jews were stripped of their dignity, again but this time by their own government. What a shameful crime!

Months have passed and people are still living in temporary accommodations in a state of desolation, disillusionment, isolation and shock! At the same time, the government has done its ugly best to astrocyte and discredit decent people - modern heroes of the Jewish nation.

The deportation of Jews from Gaza was conducted under the pretence that it would reduce the cost of the fight against Arab terror and save Jewish lives. During the last few months Katusha rockets began landing on Israeli soil. The Kassam rockets have become a routine daily occurrence. Both Fatah and Hamas have intensified their attacks, in order to win the 'heart' of Arab supporters. Embolden by Israel's 'weakness' Hisbollah renewed its attacks on the North of Israel. Where is the cost saving? Where is self-dignity? There is none whatsoever!

All of this is completely disregarded by the Olmerts government. New stupidity is emerging. It is called "Convergent" or, the latest name, "Realignment" plan. This is another plan leading to Jewish self-destruction. Only this time, up to 90 thousand Jews will be deported from the Jewish heartland - Judea and Samaria. And, almost 90% of the Israel's population will be in the cross-fire between Gaza and West Bank, reachable by the rockets. This is the new Holocaust in the making!

The question must be asked: When is "Enough is Enough"? When will Jews realise that we are being systematically robbed of our rightful inheritance - Eretz Israel - the Land of Israel? When will we say "Never Again!" and mean it! When will we become the proud owners of our land and our destiny?