Netanyahu - Likud Politics in a Nutshell

by Steven Shamrak

We must remember that the Likud party was founded in 1973 as a Zionist alliance by uniting several Zionist parties and groups, like Herut (or "Freedom") party! Likud won the 1977 elections decisively, marking the first time the left had lost power, because it had abandoned the major aspiration of the Jewish people – reunification of Eretz-Israel!

Netanyahu has always played a political game with the Israel anti-Zionist leftist parties (like creating national unity government), politically blackmailing Likud natural partners to submission. By consistently doing so, he made Likud supporters frustrated, cynical, apathetic and disillusioned!

He consistently suppressed and pushed out Zionist-minded people/leaders from Likud, perceiving them as a threat to his position, leaving Likud with no candidate/challenger to his dictate/rule!

Likud would have had clear majority in Knesset for a long time if only Netanyahu had real Zionist vision and the will to implement it! Instead, Netanyahu plays both sides of politics to keep himself in power. Bibi has improved Israel’s economy, but he has done nothing to end the Arab-Israel conflict. He has been fighting good members of Likud, fearing the challenge from true Zionists, more than the anti-Zionist Left. He needs to step down and let true Zionists return to Likud and bring the dream of Jewish people – reunification of Eretz-Israel to realization!

If Likud wants to have a political future, and not to vanish like the Labor, Avoda party, from the Israeli political scene, it needs to elect Zionist leadership, which would inspire people toward achieving our national goal, ending occupation of Jewish land by enemies and re-establish our rightful ownership of Jewish ancestral land!

It can only be accomplished by Israel alone! History has proven that reliance and expectation of support from others is self-delusion - it will never come! Our enemies and so-called friends have never and will never agree to removal of the enemies from Jewish land and let Israel/Jews to be a true independent nation!