Must be Good for Arabs too.

by Steven Shamrak.

During the last few years I have seen many ugly faces on the TV screen and front page of newspapers: the unshaved face of Yassir Arafat with the towel on his head; Sadam emerging from his underground hall; Osame ben Ladin – the terrorist with the posture of the holly man. The last week I saw the ugliest of them all. It was the happy, smiling face of Arik Sharon and some Knesset members after they had just adopted the National Betrayal Act.

What made them happy - the contribution towards the destruction of Jewish national unity? At the time of uninterrupted Arab terror, the self-serving and self-absorbed Israeli politicians made their contribution to the national disillusionment.

Many analysts warned prior to the Oslo agreement that it would not bring peace but rather escalation of the conflict. Now, it is commonly known as “Oslo war”. Jews have been endlessly giving in to International pressure without getting anything in return. Arabs have not changed their game plan at all. The destruction of Israel is still their goal.

Most interesting outcome of the vote is that the Arab Knesset members did not support Sharon. Arab legislators were six of the seven abstentions. Regardless of their residential status and nationality, Arabs goals have no borders. The tool they use is terrorism. Terror creates fear, instability and uncertainty. This has reduced the will of Jewish people, as well as all westerners, to fight what is rightfully theirs. Terror manipulates and changes public opinion.

There is a positive outcome of this resolution. The UN, EU, USA, Russia, Amnesty International etc. support it. None of them has voiced dissent or condemnation. There is no opposition to illegality according to International law, of forceful removal of the Jewish population of Gaza.

I believe in equality of all Nations. The same opportunities and treatment must apply to all. By approving the transfer of Jews, the International community gave the green light to return of the Population Transfer policy. Population transfer has been successfully used to solve many international conflicts: In 1922, 1.8 million people were transferred between Greece and Turkey; during the partition of the Indian subcontinent, almost 12 million Hindus and Muslims were transferred between India and Pakistan.

If the International community is not motivated by anti-Semitism, the main inspiration must be the desire to bring peace, prosperity and equality to all people of the World. Therefore, it is right to assume, that if the policy of Population Transfer is applicable to Jews, it must be equally good and appropriate for Arabs too. From now on, with this blessing of the World, Israel has the right to transfer all Arabs from all Jewish land!