Must NOT Waste Time on Rebuke!

by Steven Shamrak

Endless amounts of time and millions of dollars are wasted on rebuking false accusations and deliberate distortions of the facts of history as well as the current 'reality' invented by Arabs, made by traditional anti-Semites, self-hating Jews and all sorts of sophisticated and primitive xenophobes. Uncountable numbers of petitions have been in circulation to counteract statements made by politicians in the United Nations, parliaments around the world and/or on the front page of the papers and TV shows. The present flavour of the month that attracts so much Jewish enthusiasm are calls for boycotts of Israeli produced goods, investment in Israel and scientific cooperation. I only wish that Jews would show the same level of enthusiasm in support of our Zionist ideals!

At the same time, the Internet has provided an ideal meeting place for traditional, brainless anti-Semites and mentally disturbed, xenophobic attention seekers. They feed and thrive on the attention that they provoke from people who are justifiably disgusted with their uncontrolled activities on the Net. Therefore if you really want to hurt them, the only way to deal with them is to stop dignifying their outrageous anti-Israel behaviour with any response and deprive them of any attention.

The Internet is becoming the major wasteful vent of people’s energy where they express themselves with no results – just like a Japanese stress-relief dummy! We must not confuse activities with accomplishments! Only by focusing on the Jewish National goal, the establishment of Eretz-Israel on Jewish ancestral land, we will make it reality!

Therefore, the main question we have to ask is: Do we really have to fight all of those idiots, including the Presidents and the Prime ministers, and their politically or psychologically distorted accusations? The record of the previous efforts made by Israel and Jewish communities has proved that we must not waste our time and resources on them. For example, a hundred years ago in Europe, in spite of explicit contrary statements in the Torah about the use of blood, Jews were accused of using blood of Christian children in preparation of Matza. Jewish communities had won several court cases but it did not convince our enemies and the idea is still subscribed to by some Christians and is being propagated in Muslim countries as well.

The change of world opinion and respect toward Israel and Jews was achieved several times after the victories of the Independence war, the Six Day war and the Yom Kippur war - when Israel was able to affirm itself as a strong, sovereign and equal nation. Unfortunately it did not last long and the governments of Israel were unable or unwilling to use the political momentum created by those victories, largely due to the galut (slave) mentality Jews developed during life in hostile and anti-Semitic environments, and the tradition of international anti-Semitism prevailed again.

Israel must realize that Jews do not have many friends who would be interested in helping Israel to reach the Jewish national goal. We must stop wasting time, resources and energy on rebuking our enemies. It is a distraction! Although it makes people feel good, it does not produce long lasting results. We must focus on our goals and strategies in order to achieve them. Anything else is just another useless activity, which takes us further from the Permanent Peace, even if it feels important and good at times.