Message from Saudi Arabia

by Steven Shamrak

A day after the United States warned of possible terror attacks in the kingdom, a huge terrorist bomb blast leaves many dead and injured in western Riyadh Mahaya compound. Selected target was main residential quarter for Lebanese, Egyptian, Jordanian workers as well as modern Saudis. Islamic fundamentalists consider Moderate Muslims as traitors to the faith. This is even more hateful to them than Infidels.

For decades Saudi government has been fostering religious extremists because it draws its legitimacy partly from the royal family's close link with the strict Wahhabi Islamic philosophy. It could be either the plan backfired or the Saudi government deliberately wants to demonstrate that they do not control and have nothing to do with Muslim terrorism.

Make no mistake! Terrorists do not want Westerners as well as Muslims who choose Western way of life in any Muslim country! At the same time they are quite happy to export millions of Muslims to Western countries, effectively building 5th column. Contrary to President Bush’s belief they do not want Democracy. After Muslim land is cleared from the Western-Christian evil Islam will expend. If you think this is a very grim picture, please, read the speech of Dr. Mahatir again. He was very clear about The Plan of Islam world domination!

PS: Next time when Arabs scream about military actions by Israel or US during Ramadan, remind them about this terror act and many others committed daily during Ramadan in Israel and Iraq by Muslims.