Make a Difference - Become Active!

Steven Shamrak

Dear Friends,

The fact that you are still receiving this editorial letter means that you are already an active supporter of the state of Israel and are making your own contribution toward the Hasbarah and the future of the Jewish state. Or, at least are not indifferent to the future of the state of Israel

Many Jews, including myself, have been involved in signing petitions, press monitoring, writing and sending out information, articles, letters etc... None of these activities increased peace, but quite the opposite, the situation is continuously deteriorating.

We need to bring our focus back to the Jewish agenda and goals, spending less time and energy fighting the issues artificially created and imposed on us by our enemies.

At the moment we can’t rely on the support and co-operation of official Jewish organisations, including Zionist ones, and even Israeli politicians. Most of them are apathetic, or self-centred and self-serving individuals. Some of them are suffering from selfishness - and would do anything to please anti-Semitic others. Therefore, the active participation in an independent Jewish national movement, with dedication to the achievement of the Jewish National goal is our only alternative.

I call it Ha’Uma - the Nation! It is a concept of people movement. A network of people, united by one Jewish National goal: “Jewish people have the right to live in peace on all Jewish ancestral land.”

We must understand that most people around the world are not interested in the Arab-Israel conflict. They are artificially fed anti-Israel propaganda by many interested parties: Political left, Fascists, pan-Arabian Wahhabi ideologists, those with oil dependent business interests, the anti-Semitic International organisations and governments. They are in fear of economic chaos due to Arab oil blackmail and are willing to sacrifice Israel to stay in their comfort zone.

Jewish people and our true friends, of all shades of the political spectrum and religious affiliations, need to unite behind the Jewish National goal. Policy of compromise on this issue has not worked and never will. There are no legal, historical or moral grounds for the Arab claims. Therefore, no concession must be allowed.

Any concessions made in order to achieve peace are viewed by our enemies as a sign of weakness and are detrimental to our future and only bring annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people!

In order to change the status quo, we need - Jewish unity, to start changing our attitude and shake off the Gallut mentality. I am not a naïve person and know that this alone is a big task. Jewish history is full of examples of suffering we endured due to our own disunity and appeasement of others. At the same time, we remember how small groups of highly motivated people were able to ignite and unite Jewish people when we faced mortal danger.

We don’t want to be victims anymore! Time is running out! It is up to each of us to say: “I can make a difference!”