Low Expectations – No Result!

by Steven Shamrak (March 2003 - Has anything changed?)

Re: Middle East Leaders Set Bar Low in Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

President Bush said: "I'm the master of low expectations". What does it mean? For 55 years the voice of Jewish national aspiration - Greater Israel – was subdued in order to achieve normal life - Peace. With each year even this “low expectation” became more and more illusive. The true leader must inspire people and lead them toward realisation of their highest potentials. One can’t achieve it by setting mediocre goals. There is another saying: “Aim low and you get nothing”. That is precisely what Israel is getting by building peace on faulty foundation and pretence:

In the Gaza Strip on Friday, thousands of armed masked Hamas followers marched against the Middle East road map and demanded continuation of anti-Israel violence. Many Arab Palestinians have been dismayed by Abu Mazen's statement in Aqaba. He actually did not say much at all. But they are always angry. There is a need to blame someone but not themselves!

There were six Israeli casualties when three Palestinian gunmen opened fire on an Israeli military position at Gaza Strip-Israeli crossing early Sunday. They approached the position in a heavy early morning mist, dressed as Israeli soldiers and hiding among Arab workers on the way to Israel. Terror shops are never closed. Business as usual! But, Arabs are never blamed!

PA Deputy Foreign Minister 'Adli Sadeq described President Bush as the "the head of the snake". He could be right. Media and President Bush are still blaming Sharon for ‘driving down the road map’! They were silent as usual and did not blame Arabs for wrecking the peace process when 4 solders were killed in Gaza and Hebron. President Bush refused to negotiate with Al-Qaida, Taliban and Iraq. At the same time Israel must. Why? Michael Semel, 24, a security guard from Jerusalem, said "Nobody rewarded Al-Qaida for blowing up the 'twin towers', so why are we giving these terrorists who murdered us a prize?"