Lesson of the Six-Day War

by Steven Shamrak

"On June 5th, 1967, Jordan attacked Israel. Suburbs of Tel Aviv were shelled by artillery. Israel's largest military airfield, Ramat David, was shelled. Jordanian warplanes attacked the central Israeli towns of Netanya and Kfar Saba. Thousands of mortar shells rained down on western Jerusalem, targeting Israel's parliament building and the prime minister's office. Twenty Israelis died in these attacks; 1,000 were wounded; 900 buildings were damaged. Only after coming under fire and sustaining casualties did the Israeli military respond against Jordanian forces in the West Bank." (HonestReporting)

"The biggest myth going is that somehow there was not a real and immediate Arab threat, that somehow Israel could have negotiated itself outside the crisis of 1967, and that it wasn't facing an existential threat, or facing any threat at all," said Michael Oren. (Jerusalem Post)

Nowadays, some revisionists of history are trying to turn the glorious victory of Israel against many Arab armies into a failure, calling it a "Hollow Victory" or saying that we are "Paying the Price" for Israel's 1967 Victory. What price would Jews pay if Israel was defeated in any previous war? Like former president of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser said: “We only need to win once!”

Hypocrites are attempting to make Israel's victories look like a source of current problems with the PA and most of the Muslim world. This approach, to make Jews to feel guilty, is not a new concept. Jews have always been blamed for the faults and problems created by others and Jewish achievements or inventions were brushed off or plagiarized. Our enemies like to see Jews submissive and obedient!

We ought to admit that Israel made mistakes during and after the previous wars and there is a need to learn from the lesson of history:

1. In order to achieve our goals and reduce the number of casualties, Israel must set clear objectives and choose her own time of engagement with enemies. And they must be followed through. We must not wait again and again for their move, while our enemies become stronger, restocking arms and training armies, with clear hostile intention toward Israel.

2. Any outside pressure must be ignored. The only reason why Israel has been experiencing internal Arab terrorism is because under international pressure Israel did let most of so-called Palestinians from Judea, Samaria and Gaza to cross the border to Jordan and Egypt to leave Jewish land.