Left Has No Answer

by Steven Shamrak.

The Jewish community organised a big function in a Melbourne (Australia) park last Sunday. There was a concert, Israeli dancing and food. The wide spectrum of Jewish organizations was represented. There were representatives of Jewish environmentalists and bikers, genealogists and lesbians. One of the Jewish leftist groups caught my attention with their slogan: “Israel – Yes, Palestine – Yes, Peace – Yes.” 

I asked two attending representatives: “Could you show me the proposed borders of the Palestine state? What borders do Arab Palestinians have in mind?” They did not have any maps to show. “The principle is important” – was the answer. They did not want to talk about Fatah or Hamas charters and the map of Palestine on the official PLO website. To avoid the answer, they engaged in scholastic discussion of the facts. When the Jewish left select applicable ‘facts’ strange logic is used: all irrelevant rhetoric about “poor Palestinians” have enormous relevancy. At the same time, any religious, historical facts and the recent history of the Arab-Israel conflict, supporting the rights of Jewish people, is arbitrarily dismissed as irrelevant.

It was going nowhere. So I asked: “Could you give me at least one example when so-called Arab Palestinians made a good-will gesture towards peace with Israel?” For several minutes I was waiting for an answer. They had none!