Leaving but not Left – Decency is not Expected!

by Steven Shamrak.

Ariel Sharon has announced that he is quitting the Likud party he founded 32 years ago and will start a new one. His departure was expected. He forced the deportation of Jews from Gaza in complete disregard of the Likud party charter and his election platform. It would have been decent of him if he ‘disengaged’ himself from the position of Prime Minister and party leadership instead.

His new political party may be named "Kadima" – meaning "forward". The name "National Responsibility" was rejected. It would be more appropriate to name it as: “Back Flip”, “Corruption Inc.”, “Regress”, “Disgrace” or “National Betrayal”.

Sharon’s representative, Eyal Arad, said that the principle of “land for peace,” had proven ineffective and will be replaced by the new slogan - “independence for security” - by the new party. The meaning is a “total end of the terrorist war” in return for a “Palestinian national home”. This is another delusional idea which is not supported by any reality on the ground. Jews have paid dearly already for these preposterous ’mistakes’! Why should we give up our land and create a fictitious country of the fake nation?

Sharon does not represent the (add) ideology of the Likud any more. He broke his own election promises.   What right does he have to remain the Prime Minister of Israel?  He must resign now! Unfortunately in Israel disgraced and useless politicians do not retire, they form a new party in order to keep their wallets full and indulge their sick, self-centric egos!