Learn about Mohamed from a Source.

by Steven Shamrak

The world did not need a ridiculous, sarcastically disrespectful, cheaply made movie to tell the truth about prophet Mohamed. Anyone can make an Internet search, visit www.quran.com or read writing of his contemporaries and find out that:

-          Mohamed was raised as an orphan and was married out by his uncle to a wealthy older woman, a caravan owner

-          He had many wives and concubines

-          He was chased from Mecca due to many offences he committed against Arab tribes under protection of his uncle’s powerful tribe

-          After Jewish tribes of Medina gave him and his followers sanctuary, quite soon he repaid them with rapes, genocide and eviction from Medina

-          He and his gang were successful caravan robbers and intimidators

-          On return to Mecca he smashed 360 Arab tribal idols

-          The child wife of Mohamed was a six years old girl when he married her and was indeed a nine year old when the marriage was consummated.

This information is freely available to all, including to Muslims. There is no need to blame the stupid movie! One just needs to ask the right questions. Muslims do not want to know and face the truth. They use violence and intimidation as the Prophet did. Because their aim is, as it was his, to establish global domination by Islam!