Jewish Response to Journalistic Shame

by Steven Shamrak.

The rise of anti-semitism worldwide is largely due to the increase of the Muslim population in the West. The international press is silent and unwilling to expose this connection. At the same time, many acts of hate crime committed by Muslims in Europe and the USA are not reported or are covered as common crimes.  Where is the proud, independent investigative journalism? Journalists must be ashamed by their own cowardice!

Since October 2000 till the deportation of Jews from Gaza, the Oslo War, there have been 25,375 terror attacks, including 142 suicide bombings, in which 1,048 persons were murdered and 5,600 injured. 18,000 Palestinian Authority residents and 225 Israeli Arab citizens played a role in the perpetration of the attacks. This number includes 83 women of which 67 were suicide bombers. Still, the international press has been portraying Arabs as victims and does not even report most of the terror attacks committed by Arabs against Israel.

The number of Jewish victims of Arab/Muslim terror in proportion to population is far beyond that of all victims of any terrorism in Western countries. One Arab terrorist attack on USA was widely covered by the press and used to justify the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. The real culprit behind the attack, Saudi Arabia, was ignored, and the International press has cooperated in protecting the paymaster.

Jews have given up their land and it is, and will never be, enough, nor will anyone ever appreciate the sacrifice.  How much more terror, victimisation and indignity must Jews endure? In order to restore justice we must respond with all Israel’s military might. This is the only language our enemies understand!

Israel must ignore the hostile opinions and the usual phoney International outcry. Whatever Israel does the left-infested press and the International anti-Semites of all ranks and colours will never support the right of the Jewish State to exist as a sovereign nation. It is time to do what we must: take back what is rightfully ours with pride and dignity. Our true friends will always support us. Our ‘friends’ never will!