Terminology - Jewish Dictionary

by Steven Shamrak.

Quite often Israel-bashers throw accusations and use terminology without any interest for the facts. It is done deliberately in order to create a perception of impropriety committed by the Jewish state.

At the same time they knowingly ignore: the obvious human right violations, abuse of the women, slavery etc… committed by the Palestinian Authority and by many other Muslim countries. These issues are not questioned or scrutinised by the international press and Jew-haters.

Here are some examples of obscure terminology these hypocrites have been using to muddle the issues of the Arab-Israel conflict. I hope that ‘Jewish dictionary’ clarifications will bring a better understanding of the obscure terminology:

Confiscation of Arab land - This is Jewish land. The Government of Israel is in its right to appropriate the land in the interest of national security or to accommodate the need for development.

House demolition - Arabs have been building thousands of illegal houses in Israel and territories. They must not be exempted from construction and property laws. Many countries used demolition as a common practice of deterrent or punishment too.

Targeted killings - Arab terrorists want to be rewarded by 72 virgins and to sit next to Mohamed at the table in heaven facing Allah. The Israeli army just facilitates their desire. It is better to target and kill terrorists than let innocent people die!  

Building Jewish settlement - It is the right of Jewish people to live on the Jewish land of their ancestors! For the moment, at least on paper, Israel is still an independent state.

Administrative detention - It would be preferable to transfer the Arab terrorists and their extended families to Arab states as an anti-terror deterrent. But 'the world' made too much noise when Israel did it!

Torture - If it is done, it would be for the sake of saving lives, when the time factor is imperative. Israeli security prevents 9 out of 10 terrorist attacks, including random drive-by shootings, kidnappings and suicide bombings! But Arab terrorists behead and kill people for pleasure!

Relative calm - It is used as a sinister attempt to cover up the daily barrage of shells and rockets from the Gaza, West Bank and Lebanon. As well as sniper attacks, drive-by shootings, knifings and suicide bombings in Israel! There is not a “Peace Process” in Israel. There is a preparation for another war!

Please, for a better understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict change your vocabulary and use the Jewish dictionary!