Israel is Treated as a ‘Ghetto Jew’

by Steven Shamrak.

Most of the time when a complex issue or subject is discussed, a variety of opinions and emotions are expressed. We debate them and listen to the various opinions and ideas in an attempt to find some understanding or solution. It is not always that the decision of the majority is the right one. In international politics, when all parties involved in the discussion of a complex issue have articulated and supported the same point of view, it is most probably the wrong one and, is expressed under duress, common fear or biased attitude toward the subject under discussion with disregard to the facts and disrespect towards one or all parties involved.

Out of more than two hundred countries there isn’t a single voice that would say: “Wait a minute, Israel has been under terrorist attacks for many months and years.” Most of Israel’s neighbours have refused to recognise her right to exist for over 60 years. Israel desires to live in peace and is prepared to sacrifice a lot just for the sake of the piece of paper that would guarantee her a peaceful existence.  Israel is condemned, but the Arab states that constantly reject peace with Israel and created terrorist infrastructures and are instigators of terror attacks against Israel and Western countries are not! Something is not quite kosher here!

Why are different standards used? Don’t you think Israel deserves to be treated as equal among equals? Don’t you think there are legitimate historical, legal and moral rights for Israel to determine her own future?” I am still waiting for answers from Israel haters.

Just imagine the reaction of Indonesia if it was told to “Leave West Papua”. What about the United Kingdom and its occupation of Northern Ireland? Spain and France still refuse to even consider a legitimate call for independence of the Basque people. Land occupied by over 25 millions Kurds is divided among five Muslim countries with no hope for independence. All of them have legitimate claims for independence, unlike the fake Arab-Palestinian nation.

The most amazing thing about this situation is that, living in an environment of continuous war and terror created by her neighbours, Israel has managed to build a true democracy in the neighbourhood of dictatorships. In the deserts and swamps Israel's  strong, arguably, world-leading economy is built. At the same time Israel's neighbours still ride their economies “on the back of the camel” and those who have oil have not done much for the good of humanity or even for the future of their own people.

The Arab-Israel conflict is a complex issue. Too many people, countries and organisations are expressing their opinion without full knowledge of historic and legal facts, or even having a modicum interest or consideration for the facts. They form their opinions on deeply imbedded hypocrisy, xenophobic anti-Semitism and politico-economic fear of blackmail by oil producing Arab countries.

Updated: September 13 2022