Is There Anything to Celebrate?

by Steven Shamrak

59 years ago, the Jews were finally able take control over part of the Jewish ancestral land and create the State of Israel. It was a time of national climax and the triumph of modern Zionism. We lost 1% of the Jewish population in Palestine during the Independence war later, and were not able to retrieve most of the Jewish land. But nothing could dim the fact that after 2000 years of life in exile, Jews were once again in charge of their land!

At this moment, during the celebration of our independence, the current gutless and traitorous political leadership of the country is talking about “painful sacrifice”. We had already made them in 1922, by letting Britain to cut off Trans-Jordan and the Golan Heights, respectively 77% and 5% of our land; in 1948, by agreeing on a ridiculous maze-map the left over crumbs that the UN had allocated for Jews in order to facilitate ‘Holocaust-2’ by Arab states.

Now Olmert is paving the way for more concessions to the Arab terrorists. It will create more demands from Arabs and more Jewish lives will be lost. Nothing will please the enemies of the Jewish people, Arabs and other ‘well-wishers’, until they extort the final ‘concession’ – destruction of Israel!

Under unyielding pressure from the International anti-Semitic hypocrisy, Israel has made an endless string of concessions and sacrifices during the past 59 years. Unfortunately the pressure has been severe during the last two decades. And the corrupt, aimless and gutless leadership of Israel was not able to resist it. As a result, Israel has being ruled by people with no integrity or national character! At the moment, the Jews are in a worse position than we were in 1948. The years of political impotence, corruption and selfishness have only brought the denigration of our national, moral and spiritual identity.

With a weak Israel, we are experiencing the rise of the international anti-Semitism conducted by Muslims and the predominately Left political spectrum. The Jews in Israel and the Jewish communities worldwide have been continuously losing their national identity Self-criticism has become the national trait; support of true Zionism is highly unpopular among Jews.

Jews have nothing to be proud about or celebrate this year! Israel must shake off its “they will not allow us” mentality and elect a new, vibrant, nationalistic government, which is prepared to end the hypocrisy forever and re-unite all Jewish land and Jewish people. Only then will Jews have something to celebrate next year!