Iraq and Beyond.

by Steven Shamrak. 17/03/03


Most people and anti-war activists believe that the main motivation for war is oil. They forgot that eleven years ago the USA could easily justify the take over of Iraqi oil fields. They did not do in spite of environmental terrorism performed by Iraq (burning Kuwaiti’s oil wells, spilling oil into the sea).


Issues like human rights, support of terrorism and use of chemical weapons can be used as a reason behind the war efforts against Iraq. At the same time, cynics focus on the Arab-Israel conflict and American imperialism. There are even some “bright people” who imply that even an assassination attempt on Bush’s father is the reason for this war.


In my opinion one very important reason is being forgotten lately -15 out of 19 highjackers were Saudi Arabian citizens. Saudi Arabia is actively engaged in financial and logistical support of terrorism worldwide.


The war against Iraq could be considered as a warning for Saudi Arabia and the other Muslim countries, practicing Wahabism (extremist teaching of Muslim expansionism). At the moment, due to a special religious and economic status, America is not prepared to attack Saudi Arabia. It is important to give the lesson! But, even more important that the lesson is learned.


Unfortunately, again and again mixed signals are sent out. Israel has nothing to do with September 11 and war in Iraq. In spite of that, both US President Bush and Australian Prime Minister Howard linked the Arab-Israel conflict with war in Iraq in their speeches.


After the first war with Iraq, Israel was under tremendous pressure to make concessions to Arabs and was, unjustifiably, forced to accelerate the Oslo agreement. As a result thousands were killed and wounded on both sides and the situation in Israel is now grim, worse than twelve years ago. We must say: “No more assaults on Israel’s independence! Jews have the right to live on their ancestral land!”