Innovative Blind Hate

by Steven Shamrak

I have received a reply to my recent editorial letter from a highly educated Muslim person. Among many unsubstantiated and strange accusations in his email, there was a statement: “Hamas is nothing comparing crimes committed by Zionists and its gangsters.

I asked him to send me a list of atrocities which he thinks that Zionists committed against Muslims. He refused to provide the answer and implied that I already know them and accused me of being paid by “Zionists” (I wish:). It is not the first time Arab supporters are unable to prove their baseless accusations - be it about that Israel has committed atrocities against Muslims or the legality of so-called Palestinians’ claim on Jewish land. I am still waiting an answer!

It is typical behavior of Jew-haters and even self-hating anti-Zionist Jews. They make unsubstantiated accusations, hoping that nobody would challenge them. When they are questioned, no answer is provided; questions and facts are brushed off as irrelevant and they move to another stupid hate-motivated rhetoric!

He made other idiotic statements and accusations like:  White Jews are not tribe of Moses. They cannot claim Palestine as their motherland or fatherland.” Predictably, he refused to read about Ethnic Make Up of so-called Palestinians.

But this statement of his is quite innovative: “War helps Israel to test its armaments helping its industry to showcase its products and market it internationally. Those who cannot buy American technology can buy the same from Israel.” The only thing Arab/Muslim countries and so-called Palestinians need to do, in order to undermine Israeli military “showcase” is to stop attacking Israel and end occupation of Jewish land. Why don’t they?

As a matter of policy I do not waste time on engaging idiots in a debate. They have two major motivations - hate for Jews and attention seeking!

The misguided Western liberal view that the Islamic world would become more ‘civilized’ with proper western education is recklessness! Recent history proves (all of the 9/11 hijackers were well educated) that with better education Islamists become better terrorists, and smarter ideologists and recruiters. It is not a lack of education or poverty drives Islamists but pure and unadulterated hate!