‘Incidents’ Will Happen Again

by Steven Shamrak.

After the second wave of bombings in London I spent several hours watching news reports. Surprisingly supposedly independent news agencies were performing the same ‘routine’. All of them - CNN, FOX and ITV – were using the word ‘Incidents’ as a mantra. To my astonishment, the four bombs did not deserve to be qualified as an act of terror committed by Islamic terrorists, or should I say ‘militants’?

In his speech Tony Blair was very deliberate and used the word ‘Incidents’ extensively. He was extremely sensitive in his attempt to avoid the use of the words Islamic or Muslim terrorism. His sensitivity had vaporized in a moment when he without any hesitation called the disputed territories - Palestine as a state. As usual, sensitivity is only applied to Muslims, not to Jews and Israel.

In order to achieve any goal one must know what he or she wants. To defeat the Islamic terrorism we must know our enemies. What are their motivations, goals and resources? Only after clearly identifying the enemy is it possible to form proper defense plans and execute them.

As long as ‘Tony Blairs’ of the West continue with the stupidity of political correctness (the terror acts are called ‘Incidents’ and terrorist – ‘militants’) the bombings will happen again. In London, Berlin, Rome, Moscow or Sydney - terrorists do not care. Their acts are indiscriminate. With the current attitude of the western leadership we have no hope in winning this war. Indecisiveness of the West only encourages Islamic expansionism and motivates the Muslim terrorists to intensify their hideous deeds!