I want peace too.

by Steven Shamrak.


It is shameful to see that so many Jewish organisations are supporting the same agenda which inevitably will lead toward the destruction of the state of Israel. Why do we need another Arab state?


We have no organisation that is prepared to break the glass ceiling of misplaced “political correctness” by advocating a pro-Israel peace plan:


1)     Transfer of all Arabs from historically Jewish territories.

2)     Re-unite ALL Jewish land.


Success was achieved in the compulsory exchange of population between Greece and Turkey in 1922. During partition of the Indian subcontinent, almost 12 million Hindus and Muslims were transferred. Unfortunately the population transfer was incomplete and it could be the reason why India and Pakistan still have unresolved issues today.


Have you heard of any Arab organisation supporting Israel? Arabs do not want to live in peace with Jews! The reason they insist on the right of return is to reach their main goal – Israel’s destruction by demographic imbalance. Arafat said that they can wait for 150 years “in the end we will throw them (Jews) to the sea”. Must we agree with this intention?


It is time to speak up against political opportunism, and educate some well wishing, but ill informed people. All Jews want peace in Israel! At the same time, we must not surrender our own national aspirations and rights.