Hypocrisy of anti-Israel Headlines Exposed!

by Steven Shamrak

Israeli Ambassador Gabriela Shalev recently announced that: "The main goal is to destroy completely this terrorist gang, which makes people on both sides of the border, in Gaza and in Israel, suffer daily." Nothing wrong with the annulling of Hamas as another Islamic terrorist organization, but we must not forget that it is the population of the PA controlled territory, which elected Hamas to lead them. The unwillingness of the so-called Palestinian population, in Israel or the territories, to live in peace and their support for terror against Jews is the main problem!

The ‘Coalition of the Willing’ has been trying for seven years to destroy al Qaeda. Surprisingly, there are no UN resolutions of condemnation of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, in spite of heavy casualties among civilians, or calls for restraint and negotiating peace with Taliban or al Qaeda. We must remember the reason why Americans are still dying in Iraq: the population of Iraq had hated Sadam, but they hate us, Western democracy and the Crusaders, even more!

“UN demands international action to stop Israeli strikes on Gaza” – For many years “Ugly Nothing” and other international organizations, as well as governments, were peculiarly mute when Israel was under continuous attacks from Gaza. There were no condemnations or call to end them. There are 192 members of the UN. Israel is only country which is not allowed to defend itself!

“UN chief calls for ceasefire as Israel pounds Hamas targets” – Was the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon so prompt when for several years Hamas terrorised Jews in Israel with daily rocket and mortar fire?

“Syrian-Israeli Negotiations Halted” – There were no negotiations! Syria demanded the return of the Jewish Golan Hights without any commitment of ending support of terrorism or even peace with Israel! Both sides just played the PR game of ‘Peace Negotiation’.

“Top PA negotiator: No peace talks with Israel during Gaza assault” – Daily rocket attacks, suicide bombings, rock throwing and kidnappings – This is the peace process that Israel has endured from the PA. There is no difference between these two terrorist organizations: Hamas and Fatah. Hamas is targeting support from the Islamic world, Fatah has mastered the better PR spin, aiming at the Western countries.

"UN official says Israel attacked during lull." – What an idiotic comment! It would be difficult to start major military operation precisely at the time when Hamas chose to send another wave of rockets.

"Good Question: Why Is Israel Bombing Hamas?" – For many years nobody asked why Hamas attacks civilian population in Israel.