Hypocrisy of Anti-Semitism

by Steven Shamrak

Since the inception of Christianity and Islam, both religions have been claiming that their spiritual doctrines originated in Judaism. At the same time, their followers aren't really interested, and their leaders have actually discouraged them from studying the spiritual source of Christianity – the Torah and Jewish teachings! Instead of showing a gratitude to Jews, many Jewish spiritual books, like Kabbalah and Talmud, were forbidden to study by the Church for many centuries, and Jews were subjected to many centuries of cruel persecution!

Religious leaders and political elite of both Christian and Muslim, worlds have been using Jew-hatred as an effective tool of control over their population. No wonder that anti-Semitism is prevalent among Muslims and Christians as anti-Jewish propaganda is still widely practiced, with the use of the media, and a new term has emerged – “anti-Zionism” – as a politically correct substitution to the ‘good old’ “anti-Semitism”!

Buddhism, Hinduism and Shinto do not have this problem!

Non-theological reasons of Anti-Semitism were set around the 5th century, when priests started forbidding Christian members to visit synagogues during high Jewish holidays, as there were no Christian holidays then, where Christians were giving donations, and as the result Churches were deprived of revenue!

Anti-Semitism is not a new invention! For many centuries, Churches, Christian and Muslim rulers loved to extort exuberant taxes from the Jewish population, confiscated properties that belonged to Jews, and canceled debts to Jewish lenders. Even now, as part of its Anti-Semitic nature, the Church is unwilling to pay taxes to the Jewish state, Israel!

Anti-Semitism has always been used to take control over population as a tool of wilding political power. The Church introduced it after spreading its influence over the Roman Empire, using some existing animosity toward Judaea and Jewish religion. Through history, Anti-Semitism was used in Christian and Muslim worlds to redirect anger of their subjects about internal issues toward Jews. Communists and Fascists have done the same to consolidate their control over masses! Now, the political left does the same in the US and Europe, and Muslim/Islamic states are not far behind, skillfully using the United Nation against Israel!

The actual term "anti-Semitism" was created not long ago, in 1879, exclusively as a “hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group by 'native' Christian/European populations toward Jews. Recently, international anti-Semites have been trying to reduce its potency and meaning by extending it to Arab population, disregarding strong anti-Semitic tendency among Arabs and Muslims in general. Arabs and Muslims have and are able to use a recently created term - “Islamophobia”! Unfortunately, most of the time, it is well-deserved, considering number of terror acts committed by them against the Western countries and Israel. Anti-Semitism has a completely different origin and history!

It has been proven so many times that international anti-Semites only respect Israel and Jews when they are strong! Israel was respected, even by anti-Semites, after the War of Independence, when Jews surprised them by defeating seven well-armed advancing Arab/Muslim states. After the Sinai war in 1956, and especially after the Six Day war of 1967 and the Yom Kippur war even Ukrainian Jew-haters had respect for Jews for a short while! It did not last long because Israel squandered its success and did nothing to consolidate its victory.  International anti-Semites realised that even having their own country Israel is still behaving as a ‘Ghetto Jew’ – weak and who can be pushed around! As a result, Israel is under continuous international pressure to cede the Jewish land to non-existing fake nation, so-called Palestinians, as part of the destruction of the Jewish state plan!

Israel must decisively defeat its enemies and remove them from Jewish land! This is the only way to end the hypocrisy of the anti-Semantically inspired so-called peace process and end the conflict! Most likely, we will not get love from our enemies – but at least we can get respect, which is long over-due!