Holocaust, UN Emptiness and Judgment.

by Steven Shamrak.

Considering that Israel is not a member of any of the regional blocs and is generally denounced by the UN, it was the rare victory - Israel obtained the required majority approval for a special session in the United Nations to conduct a Holocaust memorial.

The Arabs and their lackeys made it clear – They are not just against Israel, it’s the Jews they hate. The UN General Assembly hall was half empty, and Jordan was the only Arab nation to remain during Holocaust memorial speeches. Kofi Anan did not reprimand the countries for a deliberate boycott of the Holocaust Memorial Ceremony. Even by doing something for Jews, ‘Useless Nothing’ has done nothing!

Anan opened the session saying: "The evil which murdered 6,000,000 Jews in the death camps still threatens us today." But, he did not say why and who is responsible for facilitating modern genocides and the rise of anti-Semitism. He did not admit his personal and UN’s complicity in the past and the present genocides, including Holocaust. No wonder that since WW2 the genocides have being tolerated in Cambodia, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Sudan and WW3 is still going on in the Congo!

Honoring the memory of Holocaust victims is not about Jews only – It is about moral advancement of Humanity!

Speaking to an audience including several Auschwitz survivors German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said: "The evil of the Nazi ideology did not come out of nowhere. The brutalisation of thought and the lack of moral inhibitions had a history. One thing is clear: the Nazi ideology was willed by people and carried out by people." It does not mean that modern Germans, Austrians, Poles, Ukrainians, French have to feel guilty for what their grandparents did or allowed to be done. They must not allow the return of the inhuman ugliness again. They will be judged by their own deeds and attitudes!