Gullible Jews and Jewish Press.

by Steven Shamrak.

Contrary to the common belief of anti-Semites, that Jews are shrewd, we are quite trusting people and naive. For example, if today a Christian anti-Semite or an Arab terrorist, with years of Jew-bashing experience, would announce that they condemn their evil ways of the past and support Israel’s right to exist, Jewish communities around the world would immediately start actively promoting them as saints. Quite often, the reason behind these kinds of transformations is sinister - It is the desire to get the free publicity for an upcoming book, movie or Jewish money for speaking engagements. 

Occasionally, I send my articles and letters to Jewish papers. Most often, they are rejected or ‘modified’ without my consent. The politically motivated editors of the Jewish publications are unwilling and unable to allow the freedom of speech, when the right of Jews to their ancestral land and the future of the Jewish people are concerned. At the same time, they are able to allocate almost unlimited space and give any inconceivable excuse to the enemies of the Jewish state. The voices of Jewish self-haters are quite dominant in many Jewish publications and Internet.  The discreditation of Jewish patriots and the original ideas of Zionism became have become the norm and they are not given the opportunity to state their case to the public at all.

It seems that most of those publications are Jewish by the namesake only. They are not interested in providing the leadership for communities they claim represent. From time to time they do raise controversial questions, like “Who is a Jew?” Most of the time, it is not done to resolve an issue, but for the sake of increasing the number of subscribers.

A while ago, September of 2006, I was surprised when a correspondent of the Australian Jewish News, which is notorious for its editors’ leftist ideology, expressed his interest to interview me. He wanted to publish my personal profile and information about my Internet based editorial letter in the paper. We had a 45 minutes face-to-face interview, during which we covered a wide range of questions and he took four pages of tightly written notes. Two months later, when I received a draft of the interview, many important points were omitted or distorted. Two major questions which I strongly emphasized during the interview, were not included in the draft at all:

 Q1: Why did you start publishing your letters five years ago? – “Because for years I observed that Jewish leaders were apathetic and unwilling in promoting Jewish unity and original Zionist ideas.”

 Q2: What is the purpose of your letters? – “Disseminate the idea that Jewish people have the right to live in peace on all Jewish land - Eretz-Israel.”

Why is it so difficult for a Jewish newspaper to give a voice to true Zionist ideas? Why are they so considerate and sensitive to “the suffering of poor Palestinians”, but ignore the sufferings of their own people inflicted by the “poor Palestinians”? Why do they support almost any national independence movement, but actively deny the rights of Jewish people and ignore Zionism - the Jewish National Independence Movement?

It is time to realize that most of the so-called Jewish publications, may be run by Jews, but are just commercial enterprises targeting Jews for advertising dollars and subscriptions. It is futile to write letters to them. The only language any media organization can understand is the language of “the Bottom Line”.

We must stop our subscription to all anti-Jewish publications! We must switch off all anti-Israel biased radio stations or TV channels! And, we have to let them and their advertisers know that we have done so and why. Only this way they will be able to understand that the hideous status quo will not be tolerated any more and we are serious about it! They will not change their revolting attitude, but they will be forced to change their business practice, because they do love Jewish money!