Good, Bad and Ugly anti-Semites

by Steven Shamrak.

Dear human beings. It has become apparent that a phenomenon of anti-Semitism, in old and modern forms, is on the rise again.  At the same time, according to one of the EU directors there is "…a problem with the definition of anti-Semitism…” For that reason, I would like to focus on the definition of the people who subscribe, perform and propagate anti-Semitism. They are anti-Semites:

1. Good anti-Semites: They express freely their prejudicial feelings toward Jews. I admire people who have an opinion and openly express it, regardless of their political inclinations. I welcome and respect any opinion, even if it is based on lack of factual knowledge. When an opinion is expressed it is opened for discussion. Discussions facilitate growth and change for the better.

2. Bad anti-Semites: They actually act on their prejudicial belief system. They paint graffiti, smash Jewish tombstones, brake windows in Synagogues or even sacrifice themselves in suicide attacks. The rule of law must be indiscriminately applied to any act of violence against individuals, organizations and government institutions regardless of their political, racial or religious affiliation!

3. Ugly anti-Semites: They are the worst kind. Many of them are, seemingly, nice people. They could be beggars or multi-billionaires, your neighbors or Prime Ministers. Most of them are nice, polite and very illusive. They are quiet when their voice must be raised but vocal when it is not. The silence facilitates the rise of any ugly discrimination and prejudice, not just anti-Semitism.   

Only simple human decency and intolerance to “killer silence” can stop the sickening circle of hate.