Goal and Strategy of Islam.

by Steven Shamrak

September 11 and Bali bombing, unfortunately, did not bring the understanding of politics of Islam to Western homes. Only after the Madrid bombing the population of Western countries is coming out of the lethargic sleep. Too much attention was given to the Arab-Israel conflict during the last 50 years. Too much responsibility for global terror committed by Muslim terrorists is blamed on Israel. Information about the real source of the conflict is still being concealed from the public.

According to General Moshe Arens of the Israeli Defense Force, Islam has a simple and direct four-point plan for establishing eventual world dominance. All steps are being implemented simultaneously now:

1.      Totally destroy and eliminate Israel as a country.

2.      Defeat or neutralize the power of the United States by terrorism and world opinion.  Destroy their will to stand-alone.

3.      Bring all Muslim Nations into an Islamic Theocracy such as Iran.

4.      Infiltrate all major European countries, Canada, US and Australia with Islamic immigrants. 

World domination of Islam is the Goal. It is time to realize it. The war is global. It started when Mohamed began spreading “the true religion” around the world some thirteen hundred years ago. It is the war for survival of the Western civilization and Israel is caught in the middle of the fight between two giant religious ideologies.