The Ghost of Dreyfus is in USA

by Steven Shamrak.

The news has received a high level of publicity: “The FBI believes Israel has a spy at the very highest level of the Pentagon who may have sought to influence US policy on Iran and Iraq.”

Just one analyst of the huge American Strategic planning machinery had managed to “influence US policy”? The suggestion is laughable! The FBI has spent more than a year investigating the case and the prosecutors are still not sure about the charges. In spite of this, the ‘belief’ has received enormous publicity in the media. Even the name of the suspect is disclosed. Presumption of Innocence is completely forgotten! At the same time, a US court upholds secrecy in the hearing for a man held in a Hamas case.

The allegations have come just days before the Republican National Convention in New York and at the same time that President George W. Bush has acknowledged for the first time that he had miscalculated post-war conditions in Iraq. Obviously, there is a need to soften this news and divert the attention of American voters from failures of the US administration. The internal struggle between the Pentagon, CIA and the attempt to restructure the CIA by the White House could be another cynical reason why those spy accusations were brought now and received such publicity.

The ultimate responsibility for any government action against another state, based on true or false accusations, rests with the US president. Any lobby group or research center may try to exert their influence. But, only the President has the right to give the orders. His decisions must be based on sound advice and evaluations made in the interest of the American people. If he is not doing his job properly it is the fault of American voters. And they are able to correct it by removing him from office.

In the 19th century, after losing the war to Germany, the French government falsely accused the French-Jewish officer, Alfred Dreyfus, of treason in order to defuse the anger of the people. Ugly mobs ruled the streets of Paris. This event was a catalyst for the birth of modern Zionism - the need for a Jewish homeland. Has the USA lowered herself to the same anti-Semitic ugliness of dark-age Europe?

Why should Israel, as an independent state, make apologetic and self-disrespectful assurance to the US that: "Israel does not engage in intelligence activities in the US.” The American government has not reciprocated with the same pledge! I wonder how much US spying Israel tolerates in the name of ‘friendship’! Why did Israel’s spy, Jonathan Pollard, receive the maximum punishment and Is still in prison? He has been treated as a worst enemy of the United States. Even the attitude toward Soviet spies was better.  Israel is the best friend the US has. Friends should not be treated this way!

Kerry and Bush are neck-to-neck in their pre-election campaign. The election is coming and old anti-Semitic habits, unfortunately, are not dead even in the good US of A!