Kofi Annan – Genocide Facilitator

by Steven Shamrak.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan is fast in his condemnation of Israel. He is vocal and diplomatically and factually incorrect in matters related to Israel but politically correct about Islamic terrorism and abuse of human rights in Muslim countries.

At the same time we still remember his inaction and treachery. He was silent and facilitative when 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered in Rwanda.

It was reported that UNAMIR commander General Romeo Dallaire warned of imminent massacres in a January 1994 fax to his superior, Kofi Annan.  The CIA predicted that 500,000 people could die. Human Rights Watch reported that all the elements needed for genocide were in place. But, the UN did nothing!

In 1995, thousands of Muslims were killed in Srebenitsa practically before the very eyes of UN peacekeepers.

Now Chechnya is the only "hot point" on the planet which has not been mentioned by the UN Secretary General. He does not want to upset Putin. Yes, there is a connection between Chechens and international Islamic terrorism. The PLO has even stronger links, but it that does not stop the UN, US, EU and others from meddling in Israel’s war against terror.

For being a good “team player”, the great Genocide Facilitator was rewarded with promotion to the position of UN Secretary-General. Bloody Silence does pay! It is time to put Kofi Annan on trial by the International Criminal Tribunal for crimes against humanity. The evidence is readily available.