Gaza Referendum – WHY?

by Steven Shamrak

Ariel Sharon asked the Likud party to approve his proposal to withdraw from the Gaza Strip.

Why? The Likud Party Platform clearly states:  “Preamble: The right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is an eternal right, not subject to dispute, and includes the right to security and peace. Zionism is the liberation movement of the Jewish people, and its fulfilment is at the top of the list of priorities of the Government of Israel.”

Gaza is Jewish land. There is no need for the referendum. The spirit of the withdrawal from Gaza contradicts the Party Charter! Any member of the party who is planning to vote in support of withdrawal from any Jewish land has to resign from the Likud party!

By hinting that Yasser Arafat may be targeted, Sharon, in his recent statement, is just playing a political game and trying to manipulate members of the Likud party before the referendum.