G8 Bows to Islamic Terrorism.

by Steven Shamrak.

At the end of the G8 summit, Tony Blair made a point of announcing personally - one day after the attack on London by Islamic terrorists – an aid package of $3bn a year to help the ‘Palestinians’.

G8 leaders were not able to agree on saving the world from global warming, stopping world poverty and ecological destruction in Africa and South America. But wasting money on murderous and corrupt thugs comes naturally to them.

The Gutless leaders are conducting stupid policies and creating Ugly Reality!

US law prevents using taxpayers' money to fund institutions that support terrorism. This formality does not stop USAID from spending millions on helping Arab Palestinian terrorist organizations. This year, USAID has paid out $7 million to PA universities, where Hamas and Islamic Jihad operate freely. They recruit suicide bombers from among the students and glorify terror against Israel and USA.

Only recently, US President George Bush has agreed to pay $275 million directly to the Palestinian Authority. This will definitely put more funds in the 'militants' payroll.

The money would be better spent on a genuine fight of the "War on Terror". So far Western democracies just pretend that they are conducting this war. The unfortunate success of the London bombings is proof of this ongoing hypocrisy. It is time to stop playing deceitful games. Appeasement of Islamic terrorists does not work!

By purchasing Arab oil, giving foreign aid to terror supporting states and organizations, as well as by political inaction, Western countries have been indirectly granting generous financial and political support to Muslim terrorism. This gutlessness has further encouraged escalation of terror attacks against Israel, USA and Europe.