Forged Retaliations

by Steven Shamrak

A horrific attack was perpetrated by a pretty 29 year old Arab female lawyer. The restaurant was patronised by Jews and Arabs. And it was blown apart. As retaliation, Israel bombed the base of terrorist organization, Islamic Jihad, in Syria. It was portrayed world wide as a strong massage to Syria as a sponsor of terrorism. At the same time, Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told the Cabinet that the base was operational but most of the camp's occupants were out on training exercises at the time of the attack. Mofaz said that only a few administrative workers were left behind. They new that the base was empty and bombed it anyway! Why? What is really going on?


There is a political game, it’s called: “Justice must be seen to be done”. It has been played too long. Unfortunately, the emphasis is on the word ”seen” not “done”. It seems that Israel and its ally US are master players of this game. Quite often, after Arab terrorist attacks, Israel’s retaliation is limited to a bombing of the empty buildings in Gaza. Why were they empty? This is due to the fact that, quite often, Arabs receive advance warning from IDF and are able to remove all terrorists from the buildings, but leave a few “innocent civilians” behind to become victims of the PR war.


Americans are playing the same game on the bigger scale. Instead of going for the source of the Arab terrorism and extremism, they have chosen the easy targets, like Afghanistan and Iraq. Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars are misplaced just to make them “feel good” that justice is done. The philosophy of Islamic expansionism and Saudi Arabia as its nest are the real problems! Voices of criticism of Saudi Arabia are immediately suppressed and there is not real public debate and discussion about the nature of Arab Expansionism.


Is it the way to stop terror? This type of war against terror only encourages the escalation of violence. If what you have just read is the truth, it means that Israel and Western countries are still playing games and not serious about the fight against terrorism. They are playing with our lives and way of life. They are trying to keep the statues quo. This is surely the fastest way to defeat!