Fake Nation Nightmare

 by Steven Shamrak.

According to all reputable anti-terrorist experts, negotiation with terrorists is a bad practice. It gives them legitimacy and encourages the raising of the level of terror. The aim of terrorists is to destabilize society and facilitate the change of public opinion in support of their cause, whatever it is, regardless of its legitimacy.

Basque, Tibetans and Kurds have legitimate national claims. All of them have historical connections with their land, as well as the language, cultural and national heritage. In spite of this, neither Spain, France, China, five Central Asian countries, nor the United Nations have made any attempt to address their grievances. Strong legal and military measures are used to discourage any independence tendencies.

The idea of a Palestinian people was born in the middle of the 1960’s, after Arab states realized that it was impossible to destroy Israel using military force. The plan for destruction of the state of Israel through political maneuvering, propaganda campaigns and diplomatic arm-twisting was drawn and put into action.

After forty years of well-designed and persistently executed plans, the ‘Fake Nation’ is becoming real in the minds of many. Even Jews, exhausted by Arab terror and desperate, for at least an illusion of peace, began to lean toward the idea. It has only become possible due to the weak and complacent leadership in Israel and lack of understanding of the real goal of Islam by the Western leaders.

It is time to return to basics, scrutinize the facts of history and wake up from this mesmerizing nightmare!