Inability to Face the Truth

by Steven Shamrak

Last Sunday night I attended a session of an International conference dedicated to discussion of the present phenomena of the rise of anti-Semitism. Three prominent members of a panel, including Daniel Pipes, shared with an audience of several hundred people their stories and views.

During question time I asked the panel: “How do you think the abandoning of the Jewish National goal and defeatist policies conducted by successive Israeli governments contribute to the rise of anti-Semitism?” In spite of the moment of surprise, silence and anticipation shown by the audience, none of the panelists wanted to address my question. By admitting Israel’s contribution to the rise of anti-Semitism they would be forced to confess the stupidity of Israel's policy. They did not want to acknowledge and face the reality that an alternative is needed. That why they kept their silence! The Chair ignored my protest and dismissed the question as a rhetorical one.

This is a typical example of the Jewish leaderships conduct – Inability to face and deal with real issues and dismissal of any dissent. They used to be called ‘King’s Jews’ – Jewish leaders who did and said almost anything to please their lords and kings. The motivation was: the protection of Jewish communities and, most importantly, their own ‘prestigious’ positions! Even the establishment of the Jewish state did not change their Galut mentality and behavior. They are still habitually pleasing their ‘Masters’ and are leading Jewish people nowhere, but to self-destruction!

All over the world Jewish communities are, pre-dominantly, involved in politically correct activities that, at best, do not lead to any accomplishment. We must stop repeating our past mistakes and take charge of our destiny. It is not too late to become involved in meaningful acts of restoring self-respect and Jewish unity!

Predictable behavior of ‘Official Jews’ have not saddened me, but the fact that no one from the audience of hundreds openly supported my question have!