Empty Rhetoric of Deceitful Candidates.

by Steven Shamrak

White House candidates proclaimed their ties to Israel and vowed to stand by the Jewish state as the key US ally celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Obama: "What I love about Israel is it is such a robust democracy and... So it is critical that we send a message around the world, we will stand with Israel, we want them around not just for 60 years..."

Hillary Clinton: "In every generation, Israel faces serious challenges to its security and threats to its existence… united by shared values and strong bonds of friendship... and strengthen these bonds, so that the State of Israel will continue to grow, from generation to generation, in security and peace."

McCain: "Let no one doubt that, while the challenges will continue, Israel will survive and it will flourish. There will always be an Israel, and there will always be a vital bond between our two peoples."

None of the White House hopefuls was strong on specifics and willing to state on record: that Jews have the right to live in peace on their ancestral land – Eretz-Israel; that 60 years of Arab aggression against the state of Israel must be stopped now; that the fake peace process does not work and extends the suffering of Jews from Arab terror.

In short, each one of them will continue to apply pressure on Israel to sacrifice Jewish land to create another, 23rd, Arab state - the terror-infested state of a fabricated nation, whose sole purpose will be the destruction of Israel!

Just empty words! Just survival at any cost is not an issue any more; the right to live in peace on Jewish land is. According the 1922 resolution of the League of Nations, the Palestinian mandate was created to establish a Jewish state - Eretz-Israel. Just because Jews were weak before and desperate after WW2 and did not have oil to offer to the Western ‘masters’ does not make the systematic robbery that has been committed against Jews since 1922 right (the illegal creation of Jordan – 77% of the Palestinian mandate, the shameful UN partition plan of 1947, the current demands for the creation of another Arab state on Jewish land)!

Anything less than a clear endorsement that Jews have the right to live in peace in their homeland, the land of their ancestors, is just empty words and unadulterated hypocrisy! At the moment there are three runners for the position of the President of the United States; not one of them had integrity to admit the mistakes of the past and speak up with clarity about the rights of Jews and the state of Israel. It means that all of them will conduct the same policy of stupidity and duplicity, facilitating the rise of terror and the prolongation of injustice against Jews in Israel!