Disseminating Crimes of Islam

by Steven Shamrak

There are many crimes committed by Muslim countries, Islamic organizations and ordinary Muslims around the world. Many of them are ignored in of offending the Muslim population, which is quite skillful in manipulating public opinion, using fake Western political correctness.

Any action or even protest against Islamic barbarism is impaired by one ‘major’ goal - assisting Arabs in destruction of the Jewish state, Israel and it has nothing to do with the Western dependency on Arab oil. Unfortunately, this is the main preoccupation of the most anti-Semitic governments since the end of the World War II.

Most Western countries pretend that they are serious about one Islamic crime only - the ‘War on Terror’, ignoring the multitude of barbaric and inhuman crimes! This is incomplete list of crimes that have being perpetrated in the name of Islam:

1.         Hate and hostility toward all infidels without discrimination.

2.         Systematic discrimination, ethnic cleansing and even genocides committed against non-Muslims.

3.         Destruction of the archeological and historical heritage of non-Muslim cultures.

4.         Perpetual hate and fighting between the major Islamic sects, Shi’ites and Sunnis.

5.         Discrimination and persecution of minor Muslim sects, like Sufis and others.

6.         Destruction of Islamic archeological and cultural heritage if it is non-compliant with the strict interpretation of Koran by modern Islamist groups.

7.         Production and world-wide distribution of heroin and other illicit drugs.

8.         Unfair treatment and abuse of foreign workers in Arab countries.

9.         Inhumane treatment of women.

a.         Forced marriage and selling  of young girls into marriage

b.         Performing FGM - Female Genital Mutilation

c.         “Honor killings” and gang rapes

d.         Denying education for girls

10.       Widespread abuse and rape of children.

11.       Slavery - abduction and/or buying people.

12.       Killing those who try to leave Islam or converted to Christianity

13.       Last, but not least - financing, propagating, harboring global Islamic terrorism which is based on ideology of Wahabism, world domination of Islam!

There are other issues like: poverty, corruption, lack of general education, poor health care, and unsafe working environment, which are just additional problems that are not addressed and resolved by governments of Muslim countries due to the ingrained Islamic culture of corruption and disrespect.