Deranged Mindset of Islamic Anti-Semites

by Steven Shamrak

Quite often I receive scolding responses from some readers of my editorial who do not agree with information and ideas I propagate. Below there are two messages which were recently sent by two Muslims in my mail list.  Even if I tried, I could not be able to create the better ‘Zionist propaganda’ about the mindset of Israel’s enemies and their venomous anti-Semitic make up! I deliberately haven’t cut out anything from messages and kept them ‘original’:

First message: “My understanding is that the zionist ashenazi jew of Israel are little more than biological robots.  These are not human beings.  What makes it worse is that they are androids ~ drones have been implanted in these freaks of nature which is why you and I are in such shock at their demonic nature. Demonized drones.”

Second message:Research proves Jewish insanity is high among their kind because that is how they are brought up, their sick mental mindset that contaminates the people of their cultist 'religion'. They are neither a Nation, nor One People but they share a vile indoctrination that is embedded in them by their perverted Rabbis, in their Yeshiva schools, by their Rabbis who sexually abuse students and where incest, child abuse is extensively a part of their demented culture.  So frankly we do not need a lecture from this Lunatic Asylum nor from Talmudic Terrorists who were the first group to commit Terrorism in the 20th C and then increased their attacks ushering in the 21st C with their 9/11 and the London 07/07 and it has been getting progressively worse through the creation of their Mossad  phoney 'Muslim' terrorists, such as ISIS, ISIL, AL CIA DAH , AL NUSRA and BUKO HARAM and Taliban who are doing their bloodied dirty work for them across Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Pakistan. You are all Psychopaths who have a sadistic tendency of blaming Victims for the brutality and suffering YOU inflict on your selected Victims.”

Educating the Islamic world does not work! As you can see both of them are quite educated. They are even able to use sophisticated English words to deliver their deranged message of anti-Semitic hate. Some kind of psychopathy and delusional stupidity on the grand scale, in the Muslim world and among traditional Christian anti-Semites, would be most likely the best description for bigotry of this kind!

The political hierarchy of Israel must realize that all enemies of the Jewish people are irrational and irreversibly hostile toward Jews. Appeasement and negotiations will not modify their attitude and behavior regarding existence of the Jewish state.