Dear Critics.

by Steven Shamrak.

Quite often you send me your letters. Most of them are full of animosity and emotionally charged criticism. After I asked you for constructive, factual comments, most of you do not reply or completely reject and ignore the relevance of facts.

I guess, you did not understand the purpose of my letters and my motivation. I am not against Arab or Muslim people. I just endeavour to disseminate the idea of the right of Jewish people to live in peace in a Jewish land, based on historical, legal and moral facts. Facts are not emotions or politically biased. People may try to make them fit their agenda. The purpose of my letters is public education. I hope people will be able to see and fight lies, omissions and politically motivated manipulations of public opinion by press or governmental apparatus on their own. It is not racism to defend the right of Jewish people to live in peace in a Jewish homeland, but hiding, distorting and manipulating facts and denying this right is!

There are 21 Arab countries, excluding Jordan, occupying the vast mass of land. Why should Jews have to give up even the little crumbs (only 18% of the original Palestine mandate) of their ancestral land that the international community 'so generously' allocated for them? Arab countries are rich in oil and other natural resources, Israel has none. Why are the Arab people so poor? Arafat's personal wealth was estimated over $US300 million. Why must Israelis employ Arabs who want to destroy them? Is it always Israelís fault?

In 1948 Arab countries failed do destroy Israel. With the help of UN, EU and company, they are still pursuing this idea. The same Arab countries have been exporting terror as a part of one big plan - Islamisation of the world! Unfortunately, it is not a conspiracy theory! It is the fact of our current reality. Why do we allow it take place?

There are many Jewish peace organizations that are willing to give up Jewish land for an illusion of peace. They are extremely vocal in their criticism of Israel but strangely quiet when Arab terror acts are perpetrated. They grasp for any excuse to justify the Arab's unwillingness to seek peace. Some of them are sincere in their delusion. Unfortunately, most of them are self-hated Jews who are still unable to shake of the mentality of slaves or are hypocrites who are living on the misery of their own people!

Freedom of speech without understanding of facts is just a loud noise of fools! Thankfully, we still have freedom of expression. Most Arab and Muslim people donít have this luxury, including many Muslims living in non-Arab and Western countries. If we let the hypocrisy, apathy and absurdity progress further, very soon we'll be quiet also!