Deal of Impotence

by Steven Shamrak, 20/08/02.


Inspite of the warnings from serious analysts, the “Gaza-Jerico” agreement was signed and so many people had their hopes high. They looked forward to the end of violence and terror. Twelve years later, after 600 Jews are dead and thousands are wounded, the government of Israel has just signed a new agreement - 'Gaza-Bethlehem first'. The same players, the same plan, the same promises, the same empty warnings from the Israeli government and, unfortunately, the same results may be achieved.


It is time to realize that the slogan “Land for Peace” does not work. Why do Jews have to give up their ancestral land and national inspirations? It is time to review the original ideas of the separation of Palestine and use some lateral thinking. Old ideas, inspired by left-sided Israeli political wind, do not work. They have been tried for 54 years and failed. It is time to take over our land and let Arabs live in peace in their own countries. They have 22 to choose from.