Concern for the Lost Jews!

by Steven Shamrak

I can understand and even can find justifications, from the Muslim point of view, why Arabs do not want Jews to reclaim their land, Eretz-Israel. After all, Arabs do not want any ‘infidels’, including Christians, in the neighbourhood. Some religious orders, motivated anti-Semites, Christians and Muslims, also do not want to be proven wrong by the return of Jews to the Holy Land and fulfilment of Jewish prophecy, which makes their theological claims to inheritance of Jewish tradition absolute!

At the same time, there will always be the brainless Anti-Semitic idiots who will need a scapegoat to blame, instead of taking the responsibility, for their own stupidity and personal inabilities.

I shall never be able to fully understand and excuse Jews, who are collaborating with and assisting our enemies to undermine the future of Jewish people – the existence of Israel. Although, I do understand the distorted psychology behind their self-destructive attitude and behaviour, induced by PTSD and the Stockholm Syndrome after prolonged exposure to discrimination, abuse and violence.

Most of them are aware that there is something wrong with their self-hating attitude toward their own country, but they are still unwilling or unable to address this self-destructive and self-hating behaviour and revise their psychologically induced political standing. With the progress made in the field of modern psychology they do not have an excuse for this shameful conduct any more. They really need to start soul searching and addressing this problem seriously!