Communication with the Lost Souls

by Steven Shamrak

Several times I have written in my letters that I have no biased views about Arabs or Muslims. I only have pro-Jewish views! Jews need to be unambiguous, focused and actively pursue our main objective - Jews living in peace on the all Jewish land. Only united will we be able to accomplish our goal.

Our enemies and ordinary people who have been brain-washed by anti-Israel propaganda quite easily make unchallenged, derogatory and demagogical comments about Jews and Israel. They are very weak on facts but strong on empty rhetoric and emotions! These are extracts from my communications with some deluded souls:

The problem with truth is that it is subjective - That is why I present these facts for your consideration.

You'd have to concede the Arabic position - The Jewish position is enough for me. Too many people, Jews in particular, give enormous consideration to the fake Arab position only.

I admit my ignorance lends me a certain aloofness from the issues. - It did not stop you from forming the highly subjective opinion and actively expressing this uninformed opinion?

Israel should have done a lot more in reaching and negotiating - Why must Israel do anything for them? What have Arabs done for Jews and peace? We are getting only suicide bombers and Kassam rockets from Arabs!

Arabs (Palestinians) are real people, with very real lives and roots and traditions in that land - Please, read and study the facts of history. They became ‘real people’ in 1964, in order to annihilate Israel. Most of them have less than 100 year old roots in Palestine. Why don’t you care about Jews – the “real people”, and their “lives and roots and traditions in that land”?