Cancer Must be Removed!

by Steven Shamrak

Some people call the Hamas victory "The earthquake" I call it a normal, predictable and logical step of the bogus peace process. The first statement made by Hamas after the election was: "Negotiating with Israel and recognition are not on our agenda. The armed struggle will continue."

In spite of the fact that the PLO/Fatah has never removed the clause, calling for the destruction of Israel, from their charter, Israel negotiated! Between September 2000 and April 2004, Hamas perpetrated 425 terrorist attacks against Israel and murdered 377 Israelis. One terrorist organization replaced another! Negotiations with the killers who want to put Jews to "the sea" have produced only more killings, more terror and more Jewish self-doubt. Spin-doctors have already started creating the 'human face' of Hamas.

At the same time, the Hamas' victory and Arabs' predictable actions in the near future can be used by Israel as an opportunity to reclaim the Jewish ancestral land. Too often Israel has ignored and missed these opportunities.

When everything else fails, oncologists use surgery in order to remove cancerous tissues and save the life of a patient. All attempts and compromises made by Israel to achieve peace have failed. It is time to start implementing the unilateral plan of establishing permanent peace in the Middle East.The victory of Hamas could be viewed as a blessing in disguise.

Instead of making 'brave' and empty statements, the Israeli government must make plans for decisive retaliations to the attacks that are going to follow this 'historic' victory. The next time a suicide bomber or an Arab gunman commits acts of terror against Jews all their extended family must be deported from the Jewish lands. After the next rocket is fired toward Israel from Gaza, all Arab residents must be transferred from Gaza to Sinai. Our enemies understand only the language of supremacy. Let them have it! It will bring Israel closer to a full control of the Jewish ancestral land and will resolve Israelís demographic problem. This is the only way toward peace and achievement of the Jewish National Goal.