Behaviour Analysis of the Friend.

by Steven Shamrak.

"Frankly, it's time for the establishment of a Palestinian state," Rice told a news conference with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. "The United States sees the establishment of a Palestinian state and a two-state solution as absolutely essential for the future…”

Whose future Dr. Rice? If Israel continues to give up Jewish land to enemies, there is no future for Israel and the Jews! These questions must be asked: Why are strangers, who have no interest in the future of Jewish people, so easily selling out Jewish land to the enemies of Israel? Why are so many educated idiots meddling in Israel’s affairs, pretending to be a friend? The answer is simple: Because Jewish leadership allows it!

And who is a judge? I have not heard of a plan for the return of occupied Mexican territories by USA! Wouldn’t it be “absolutely essential” and moral for the US to return California, Texas and other states to Mexico, pay compensation and recognise the rights of American Indians to their land, and to re-unite Panama and Colombia? The list of US ‘morality’ is enormously long!

Just because the US needs Arab oil and is playing games with oil rich Arab countries, it does not mean that it has the right to push Israel toward self-destruction! Jewish international politeness does not work! Our enemies and ‘imaginary’ friends consider it as a sign of weakness! That is why any ‘little piglet’ (the individuals or countries that have no moral standing and are deliberately ignoring the truth about Middle East conflict) feel the right to dictate to Jews what to do! “With the friend like this, who needs enemies!” So, we must say to all our pretend friends: Frankly… dear, I don’t give a damn. Just leave us a lone and get lost!”

Why is there such an urgent interest in the creation of a Palestinian terror state just 15 months before leaving office? Is it the need to distract public attention from the failure of the Bush administration in Iraq and Afghanistan or, call me cynical, in order to secure the future lucrative offers from Arab controlled corporations after Rice and Bush leave the office? Haven’t they done enough damage with the useless war in Iraq and wasteful distribution of billions of dollars to the ‘friendly’ corporations, while Islamic terror still thrives and is still supported by so-called moderate Arab states!